Types of Contact Lenses


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Types of Contact Lenses

For those people who must wear corrective eyewear in order to perfect their vision, contact lenses are often a preferred option. Today’s consumer has quite an array of contact lenses that they can choose from. However, certain contact lens styles lend themselves better to certain eye problems than others. Also, some contact lenses provide some benefits that others do not.

One type of contact lenses are known as rigid gas permeable. These are constructed of slightly flexible plastic. This particular type of plastic allows oxygen to reach the eyes. For this reason, those people who wear rigid gas permeable lenses rarely have issues with dry eye. When opting for rigid gas permeable lenses, it may take some time to adjust to wearing them. This kind of lens is quite durable and will last for a long time. Another benefit to choosing a rigid gas permeable lens is that they can also be tinted various colours.

A second type of contact lenses are daily wear soft lenses. This particular kind of made from soft and flexible plastic. This material also allows oxygen to get to the eyes. In comparison to rigid gas permeable lenses, daily wear soft lenses are much more comfortable. However, they are more difficult to remove from one’s eye. These lenses also can come in a variety of colours. For those people with an active lifestyle, daily wear soft contact lenses are an excellent choice.

Extended wear contact lenses come with either soft lenses or rigid gas permeable lenses. Extended wear contact lenses can be worn for extended periods of time with removing them. Typically, a week would be the maximum amount of time these lenses can be worn. Extended wear contact lenses also come in disposable styles. After the time period elapses, these lenses are simply disposed of rather than cleaned.



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