Mumps - Causes & Symptoms of mumps


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Mumps - Causes & Symptoms of mumps

Mumps causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Mumps

Many children fall prey to mumps. There is inflammation in the throat and severe pain. The patient has also high temerature.

How Mumps caused? Is it contagious? How should one treat Mumps?

The disease Mumps atrikes children whose intake of water is insufficient and who suffer form constipitaion. Children should be encouraged to take adequate amounts of water and should visit the toilet regularly so that they do not develop constipation. Therefore diet should include sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Mumps are caused by a virus which attacks the salivary glands of the mouth, particularly the parotid glands located on each side of the face just below and in front of the ear. The infecting organism is paramyxovirus. After a person is exposed to a case of the mumps, it takes. about two weeks for the disease to appear. Improper diet is the root cause of trouble.

Mumps - Sign and Symptoms of Mumps

Mumps Cure and treatment

After the disease mumps strikes them, they should be coved with a hot compress for ten minutes followed by a cold compress to be applied for one to two hours. Three to four days regimen described here will drive away the mumps malady. The child-patient should take bed rest for several days until the temperature returns to normal He should be kept on a diet of fruit juices and other liquid foods.

Orange juice diluted with warm water on 50:50 basis for few days will be especially beneficial in mumps treatment. Other fruits and vegetables which can be used for juices are mosambi, apple, pineapple, grapes, and carrot.


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