Meningitis: Symptom of Meningitis, causes, Treatment of Bacterial Meningitis


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Home :: Fevers :: Meningitis Symptom

Meningitis: Sign & Symptom of Meningitis, Information, causes, Treatment of Bacterial Meningitis

Synonyms and related keywords for Meningitis: viral meningitis, meninges, blood-brain barrier, cerebrospinal fluid, CSF

What is Meningitis?

Meningitis is a term applied to inflammation of the membranes of the brain or the spinal cord. It generally strikes children, though many cases of adults falling a prey to it are reported.

Sign and Symptom of Meningitis

In Meningitis, patients may present with a large variety of sign and symptoms and complaints. Some sign and symptom of Meningitis are described below -

sign and symptom of Meningitis -

1. In the beginning, the patient of Meningitis becomes listless and fatigued, suffers from headache after exertion and irritability.

2. After that comes vomiting and an obstinate constipation.

3. In some cases the first sign and symptoms of Meningitis are convulsions.

4. Headache is extremely severe and there is great intolerance to light. Then there is the rigidity of the neck and of the lower limbs.

5. There may also be a skin rash and an obstinate constipation. Vomiting is common in meningitis.

6. Another sign and symptom of Meningitis is that in this disease the temperature rarely goes beyond 103F but the pulse does not rise proportionately. It does, however, exhibit some irregularity.

7. The second stage of the malady is a state of depression, which is sometimes taken to be a sign of improvement. But, in fact, it is a condition of apathy or partial stupor. Vomiting and fever are less severe and the former, sometimes, vanishes totally.

7. The third and the final stage of Meningitis is that of paralysis in which fever returns. The pupils are dilated and there may be complete loss of sight and even hearing. Death comes during a fit or seizure when the body is convulsed.

What are the causes of Meningitis?

Meningitis generally strikes children, though many cases of adults falling a prey to it are reported. Meningitis usually follows an attack of otitis media (middle ear disease), or mastoiditis (infection of bone projecting behind the ear), or brain abscesses or even tonsillitis.

Treatment of Meningitis

The treatment of Meningitis is the same as in the cases of all other fevers but it is better to leave the patient in the case of a competent naturopathy. Fasting, wet packs and warm water enemas will all have to given according to the condition of the patient.

Another Effective Treatment for Meningitis

An all-fruit diet is recommended in Meningitis when the fever has come down and normal feeding should not be started before the sufferer has completely recovered.




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