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Headache Treatment


The simplest treatment of headache caused by digestive disorder is lemon water enema and kunjala. In summer immediate relief is observed by taking cold spinach bath or spinach pack. After that gentle massage of spine and head should be taken. Fast spray of water on the soles for a minute may relieve headache instantly. In winters spinal pack may be given after light massage of the spine.


Causes and Treatment of Headache

Headache caused due to excessive heat can be relieved by the practice of Jala neti, Shitali pranayama and chandra bhedan pranayama. Headache caused due to excess of blood can be controlled by Mud pack or Cold pack kept over forehead and naval region.

Cold spinal bath or spinal pack is beneficial in the Headache caused by High blood pressure. In cold weather, Hot spinal bath is beneficial for Headache caused by Low blood pressure. Pouring cold water over head for some time or Hot foot bath is also beneficial. The diet of such patients should be completely light and sattvic. One or two days fruit diet will give sufficient benefit.


Note: If the Headache persists then after proper investigation treatment should be taken in the supervision of a competent physician.









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