Cervical Lymphadenopathy Information


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Cervical Lymphadenopathy Information

What is Cervical Lymphadenopathy ?

Cervical Lymphadenopathy is a disease which is very rare. An enlarged lymph node is the most common neck mass in children. Most are anterior to the sternocleidomastoid muscle. Infection is the usual cause of enlargement; viral etiology and persist for months. Acute suppurative submandibular adenitis occur in early childhood (6 mo-3 yrs), is preceded by pharyngitis or URI, the child develops erythema, swelling and cellulitis, and management is antibiotics and drainage. There is primary infection of the tonsils and secondary infection of the cervical lymph nodes. The lymph nodes become matted together and progressively enlarged. Chronic adenitis: persistent node (> 3 wk., tonsillar), solitary, non-tender, mobile and soft. Generally no tx if < 1 cm, for nodes above 2 cm sizes with rapid growth, clustered, hard or matted do biopsy. Diagnosis is by excision biopsy and treatment involves antituberculous chemotherapy.

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