Causes of Cellulite and How to Reduce Cellulite, Cellulite Treatment/Removal By Natural Home Remedies


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Causes of Cellulite and How to Reduce Cellulite, Cellulite Treatment/Removal By Natural Home Remedies

Cellulite Home Remedies

As a general guideline and to have a control over the problem of cellulite, it may be simpler to know which natural foods to include in the daily diet and those that can be reduced or eliminated for losing weight and can served as a remedy for curing cellulite.

Eliminate the following foods for getting rid of Cellulite:

Processed meats, meats with excess fat, butter, ghee, cream, rich sauces, gravies, salad dressings, rich deserts, confectionary items, ice cream, canned fruits and juices, processed cheese, paratha, puris, fried snacks, aerated drinks.

Reduced your intake of:
Lean meats, cooking oil, fish with high oil content, rice, noodles, pasta, chapatis, eggs, whole milk and whole milk products, potatoes, beetroot, peas bananas.

Choose foods freely from:
Chicken (without skin), fish (without oil), skimmed milk, youghurt, buttermilk, cottage cheese (made from skimmed milk), dalia, leafy vegetables, spring onions, radish, tomato, cucumber, citrus fruits, apples, peals, plums, sprouted grains, freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices.

Useful cellulite natural remedy tips:

** Reduce the size of your portion of foods that are to be eaten sparingly.
** Have a high fibre diet. High fibre foods that take longer to chew and chewing satisfies the appetite.
** High fibre foods are more filling.
** Take small helpings. Never over-fill your plate, specially when eating out.
** Avoid rich salad dressings. Use lemon juice, herbs (green dhania, mint), chaat masala, for adding flavor and spice to raw salads.

Natural Home Hydrotherapy - An effective Cellulite Remedy

Half fill a bath with warm water and add an anti-cellulite
aroma therapy oil blend. Soak in the bath for approx 5 minutes..
...and then start to run warm water through your shower attachment at the highest pressure. For approximately four minutes use low fluid strokes to massage your feet, calves, thighs and hips with water, always working upwards. Repeat for another two to three minutes but with cold water.

Natural Home Remedies for Cellulite

1) When you brush your teeth, use dental floss between the teeth. Mouthwashes and rinses can also help. Clean your tongue as well. A coated lounge can sometimes cause bad breath.

2) Parsley leaves are rich in chlorophyll, nature's own deodorizer. Chew some leaves regularly for fresh breath.

3) Cellulite can be gradually eliminated by detoxification of body and speeding up metabolism.

4) Avoid pesticides, additives, colourings and artificial sweeteners to protect liver.


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